About // awkwardyellowowl

Katherine Alex Beaven is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and traveler who can almost always be found either traipsing the globe, running gluten-free experiments in her kitchen, or fashioning her cat homes out of cardboard boxes.

Mostly focusing on the facets of travel, her commercial-based photography work reflects a desire to capture the details; the sometimes over-looked, but wildly important aspects that create the uniqueness of a place, experience or product. Calling on her background in documentary photography, Alex prefers to use and manipulate the natural and available light sources on hand. She believes that this, combined with exploitation of uncommon camera angles and perspectives, enables her to creatively, yet authentically, capture the integrity of the environment or experience of her subjects.

Her favorite places to visit are Scotland, Laos, Bali, and Southern Africa, where she has been involved with various conservation projects.

To view her travel photography and store, please visit: www.katherinealex.com

Or check out her writing portfolio here: www.katherinealexbeaven.com